Grand Cherokee

Chrysler Grand Cherokee is one of the cars sold by AUTOREC Ltd and to purchase this car you are required pay for the Cost,Insurance and Freight (CIF) charges and custom duty in order to import this car into your country.It is a very complex and durable car and can easily be maintained due to the availability of accessories in local and international Auto Shops.To ensure that the car is safe to drive, you should carry out regular service checks before driving the car.The engine should be checked for oil and water and the wheels  must also be inspected regularly.


Summer Vegetables. FAST weeknight dinner.

No Thyme to Waste

I get the worst case of “screw this, I don’t feel like cooking dinner tonight” at the beginning of the work week. I’m sure you all feel the same. It may be the fact that I work in a kitchen all day and don’t want to rush home to get back into the kitchen again, or it may just be tiredness from working in general- but either way, fastdinner is best. Always. The one thing I can rarely sacrifice, even in tiredness, is meal quality. Just because dinner needs to be quick to prepare does not mean you need to sacrifice the quality of your meal. Learning different ways to prepare foods and being creative with the ingredients you have available to you- can change your weekday meal preparation dramatically. In the winter you can spend more time at once preparing one pot meals to freeze for later consumption…

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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary @ Gold Coast, Queensland


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary KoalasCurrumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Kangaroos

My first memory of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is of a rainbow lorikeet interrupting my breakfast and stealing from the yoghurt and granola parfait I purchased from the front entrance café. The whole fiasco had been amusing and exasperating all at once. Alright, so my favourite Australian wildlife park to date is still Taronga Zoo, but I do love the koala haven that is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. As you’re about to find out, I took heaps of photographs there on our last excursion.

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